About Book Reviews


ArtPATHS is pleased to receive  requests to review recently published  books (usually within 8 months of publication) that may be of interest to the readership of the review.

Potentian reviewers should write to the Editor (artpaths@eclipso.ch) with requests to review any titles that have caught their attention. 

If your review offer is accepted your manuscript will be sent to you in pdf format.


Guidance for Book Reviewers


ArtPATHS is pleased to receive requests to review recently published books that my be of relevance to the readership of the review. Potenially reviewers should send an e-mail to the Editor (artpaths@eclipso.ch) directly with requests to review any titles relevant to the scopes of the present Review.

The reviewer should provide clear idea of the content of the book and critical comment, keeping within the word limit (800-1000) words. Reviews should be typed in a word format with double-spacing. References should follow the ArtPATHS style, which is based on standard English. Quotations in the text should be enclosed in single quotation marks (double within).

The Editor reserves the right to edit, request revisions or reject a review. If your review offer is accepted a manuscript in pdf format will be sent to you.

New Featured Bublications




Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Global History 15th Edition, vol. 1, by F.S. Kleiner





Edward Munch:Archetypes, published by museum Thyssen-Bornemisza, 2016.





          K.Van Balen, A.Vandesande, Heritage Counts, published by                                    Maklu editions.