Editorial Note


The Editors invite the submission of manuscripts, comments, and critical reviews which will be evaluated by an independent scientific board on the basis of their quality of scholarship, originality and contribution to reshaping art directions and perspectives.

Not accepted works already published in other art journals. The contents of each volume are arranged in alphabetical order by author.

The ArtPATHS review accepts manuscripts on:


-Medieval Archaeology;

-Islamic Archaeology;

-Medieval Art;

-Modern Art;

-Contemporary Art;



-Museum Art;

-Global Art;

-Theater Art;


-Philosophy of Art;

-Art and Law;


-Cinema Art

-Economics of Cultural Heritage.


The authors are requested to submit their contributions in english or italian or greek or french or german language directly to the indicated e-mail address:


Receipt of publication, as well as non-acceptance of publication by the Scientific Board will be dully notified.

Contribution shall conform to the editorial style of the Journal. Published articles will also be diffused electronically and may not be wholly or partially reproduced without authorization of the authors.

Articles published does not in any way imply the board of editors' approval of opinions expresses therein.

Publications sent to the Scientific Board of Editors shall be mentioned in the list of Publications received and may be subject to review.

All communications, publications etc. shall be addressed to the Scientific Board of Editors of the Review.

Authors who will sell over 300 pieces, are entitled to copyright, 15% of sales. At the end of each year, each author will receive detailed information of sales of his/her work.





Author Guide



Submission Guidelines:




-Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, via e.mail.


-Submitted  manuscripts  must  not  have  been  published  or  submitted  for  publication elsewhere.


-Articles should not exceed 30,000 words (including footnotes).


 -Manuscripts should be written in standard language accepted by our review.


-The article should contain an abstract and a short summary of about 150 words. This abstract will also be added to the free search zone of the article. In the abstract should be included 4-8 key words.


-A brief biographical note, including (non necessary) both the current affiliation as well as the e-mail address of the author(s), should be provided in the first footnote of the manuscript.


-Citations should not appear in the text but in the footnotes. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively, using the footnote function in Word so that if any footnotes are added or deleted the others are automatically renumbered.


-A bibliography should not be included in the article.


-Tables should be self-explanatory and their content should not be repeated in the text. Do not tabulate unnecessarily. Table should be numbered and should include concise titles.


-The use of capital letters is also required for abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms.


-The titles of journal (these rules apply to both the main text and the footnotes):


For example:


in case of journal:


M.H. DOBBS, Title of the article, in The Art Journal, 1989, pp. 39ss.


in case of working paper:


A.LERNER, Title of the working paper, in the Art Journal, Working Paper I, 2004.


in case of newspaper article:


S.BALTIMORE, News Paper Article, in Art Times, 22 April 2009.


-Titles of books:


for example S.BALTIMORE, Title of the book, Cambridge University press, 2000, pp. 45 or S.BALTIMORE, Title of the article, in S.BALTIMORE, Title of the article, in S.BALTIMORE, Title of the book, Cambridge University press, 2000, pp. 45ss.




Illustrations (photographs, drawings, tables, graphs)


The figures should be provided in digital format (jpg).

The text must include the identification of each picture within the article (fig. 1; fig. 2; etc.) Example: Fig. 1-Michelangelo, 1000-1200, Giovanni Francesco Arrighi (1000-1200); Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.

It is in the responsibility of each author to get permission to publish all figures in ArtPATHS review.




Review Process


-All articles are referred. Before submission to the publisher, manuscripts will be reviewed by the Board of Editors and sent out for external peer review. Articles may be returned to the author for revision, or accepted or rejected.

-The journal's policy is to provide an initial assessment of the submission within one month of receiving the posted submission.

-The editors reserve the right to make alterations as to style, punctuation, grammar ecc. The author will also receive PDF profs of the article, and any corrections, suggestions, ecc. should be returned within the scheduled dates.




-Publication in the journal is subject to authors signing a "Consent to Publish and Transfer of Copyright" form.

-The following rights remain reserved to the author: the right to make copies and distribute copies (including through e-mail) of the contribution for own personal use, including for own classroom teaching use and to research colleagues, for personal use by such colleagues and the right to present the contribution at meetings or conferences and to distribute copies of the contribution to the delegates attending the meeting; the right to post the full contribution on the author's personal or institutional web site or server; at any time, provided the site has protected/restricted access and acknowledgement is given to the original source of publication; the right to post the full contribution on any web site provided 3 months have passed since the contribution was originally published; for the author's employer, if the contribution is a "work for hire", made within the scope of the author's employment, the right to use all or part of the contribution for other intra-company use (e.g. training), including by posting the contribution on secure, internal corporate intranets; and the right to use the contribution for his/her further career by including the contribution in other publications such as a dissertation and/or a collection of articles provided acknowledgement is given to the original source of publication.

-The author shall receive a PDF file of his/her article.

-The opinions of each author are personal and not of the Review. The Review does not bear any responsibility in case of plagiarism. The responsibility is only to the author of the work and not of the Review.

Single article and working paper purchases are available in our review


Orders for single articles may be submitted by e.mail: artpaths@eclipso.ch

Price per article: 8,00 Euro

Price per working paper: 15,00 Euro

Prepayment is required. Orders will be processed during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Orders are delivered via e.mail (as PDFs) within 48 hours of receipt.

Once an order has been processed, refunds will not be issued nor returns accepted.

Yearly Subscription purchases are available in our review


Orders for yearly subscriptions may be submitted by e.mail: artpaths@eclipso.ch


Prepayment is required. After confirming the payment of the annual subscription every month will receive via e.mail all articles in pdf format published by our review.

Subscriptions will expire on the date indicated on the term of purchase of the subscription. Subscriptions can be renewed 30 days prior to its expiration.

Subscriptions are not-refundable and not transferable.